Wolfe Redesign - Home Staging and Interior Design Services
Ray Wolfe has been a professional photographer for over forty years. After coming to Chattanooga from Knoxville in 1980 where he and his wife had a large photographic studio, he continued the business of wedding and portrait photography in Chattanooga and numerous surrounding states.
Eventually he developed Southeastern Composites, now known as National Composites, photographing sororities, fraternities and other collegiate groups from Indiana to Florida and Missouri to North Carolina. In the last few years, National Composites has photographed professional groups in the fields of law, medical, nursing, business, engineering and other graduating programs who require a composite.
Ray is now using his talent to develop one of his hobbies into something more. Flowers of all seasons, landscapes, butterflies, and Chattanooga sites are just a few of the subjects he enjoys. As he is realizing the popularity of these images, he has begun to market some of his favorite images as note cards and framed prints for the home and office. These items are available in local businesses and fine gift shops throughout the southeast.
Soon we will be adding a picture gallery of these images and an option to purchase them through this site. I the meantime, direct all your inquiries to Ray Wolfe at 423-843-0268.
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